Sunday, 29 April 2012

Growth is not optional

If we follow Jesus Christ, then we need to realise that Spiritual growth is not an option for us - it is mandatory. Once the spirit of Christ dwells within us, God wants to nurture that 'seed of faith' and allow it to blossom and grow. However, we need to do our part too. A seed won't grow if it is placed away from the sun, water and warmth. It is our task then, to make sure that we work alongside God in putting ourselves in the right place for growth to take place.

I have known people who have blamed God for their lack of growth and spiritual development, but they haven't bothered going to church or Cell group for months. God can't make the seed grow in a vacuum. We need to nurture the seed of faith in our lives - God will make it grow.

If you have a moment, read 2 Peter 1:5-9 again.

Living in Grace

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