Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Disorientated by Joy

There have been times in my life where I have been disorientated by stress, fear and even despair. Sadly, these times have far exceeded the number of times I have been 'disorientated by joy'. I am not sure if you know what I mean - where joy overwhelms your senses to the point where you lose track of time and place.

I think the Resurrection must have been such a moment for the disciples. The appearances of Jesus must have left them reeling in such an amazing way, that perhaps they lost track of time for a few moments.

"And while they still did not believe it because of joy and amazement..." - Luke 24:44

I am sure that they kept saying - "I can't believe it! I can't believe it! Jesus is back from the dead."
Joy and amazement left them unable to comprehend what was happening - disorientated by Joy.

May God fill you with Joy today

Living in Grace

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