Saturday, 28 April 2012

Is your foot stuck?

Can you picture driving through town and somehow your foot gets stuck on the accelerator? Your levels of panic would drastically escalate when you realise that there are loads of cars and people in front of you. If you can't get your foot off the accelerator you will either kill yourself or lots of other people (or both).

This is the sad reality for many of us in our daily lives. We embrace the "drug" of rushing and busyness. In doing this, many of us have not realised that our feet are stuck to the accelerator. We can't stop or perhaps don't want to slow down. But, we need to be wary that soon we face disaster. This is why we should embrace moments like this long weekend - they are gifts for us to slow down - to catch our breath.

"A stuck accelerator has huge implications for my soul... Hurry is a devious soul enemy. Incessant activity will drain us. In our rush to accomplish much and live to the fullest, we rob ourselves of some of life's richest moments." - Lance Witt

So, here is a little advice. Take a breath, pray this prayer and close your eyes for 1 minute. I trust you will feel a difference.

"Dear God, forgive my rushed spirit. My busyness has become a drug. I can find excuses as to why I am so busy and I can even blame other people, but in truth, I need to take responsibility for my own decisions. Please restore my soul with your peace and your overwhelming calm. I need you at the centre of my life and when I rush around I lose track of your voice. Come, Spirit of Jesus, and fill me again. Amen."

Living in Grace

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