Tuesday, 1 May 2012

100 Days - making a difference

My friends Mark and Pete are crazy!
They have decided to run for 300 days in 2012, covering at least 5 km's per day. I hope that you are asking WHY they would do such a crazy thing? Here is the answer:

They are running for the young children who roam our streets - their commitment is to raise awareness for ICare an organisation that helps street Children to change their lives. ICare does a marvellous job in giving kids hope and a future. So, by running 300 days in 2012, Mark and Pete will be getting our attention and will also be helping to raise funds for ICare.

They have set an audacious goal of raising R100 000 and if we help them, they can do it. Please go to their website now and see how we can help - thanks for your support of this awesome cause.

Living in Grace

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