Thursday, 3 May 2012

Cross in my pocket

I spoke over Easter of the 'Cross in my pocket'. Today is the day I so desperately cling to that cross. It's all we can do!

            I carry a cross in my pocket
            A simple reminder to me
            Of the fact that I am a Christian
            No matter where I may be.

            This little cross is not magic 
            Nor is it a good luck charm. 
            It isn't meant to protect me.  
           From every physical harm.

            It's not for identification 
            For all the world to see. 
           It's simply an understanding
           Between my Savior and me.

          When I put my hand in my pocket  
          To bring out a coin or key.        
         The cross is there to remind me     
         Of the price he paid for me.

            It reminds me, too, to be thankful  
          For my blessings day by day      
         And strive to serve him better  
          In all that I do and say.

            It's also a daily reminder 
           Of the peace and comfort I share 
           With all who know my master  
          And give themselves to his care.

             So, I carry a cross in my pocket 
           Reminding no one but me           
           That Jesus Christ is Lord of my life
           If only I'll let him be.

Stay close to the Cross - it is there that you will find the Grace you are looking for.

Living in Grace

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Winter said...

lovely poem. thenk you for sharing :)