Friday, 11 May 2012

Long Sleeved Pants

I realise that in my last few posts I have been a little 'down' - we are all just struggling to come to terms with loads of grief that has recently impacted our community. I would appreciate your prayers in this difficult time. Thanks.

Anyway, just to lighten the tone, I must tell you about Josh's comment the other day. As I was getting him dressed, he was telling me that he doesn't need to wear "long sleeved pants" to school because it was far too hot for that. I had to chuckle to myself and I didn't bother correcting him as he was totally convinced about his short/long sleeved pants:)

May your week be awesome and may the weather be so good that you can wear your "short sleeved pants" all day long. (For those of you who are English, remember that the "pants" I am speaking about are "trousers" and not underpants:)

Kids are a true gift - they make us laugh and cry at the most unusual times.

Be blessed today.
Living in Grace

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