Thursday, 24 May 2012

Defining moments

We all have them at some stage in our lives - I am referring to Defining moments! Whether we recognise them as this or not, we face situations that ultimately define us. They could be relationships, difficulties, death, birth of a child, challenges overcome, career moves, decisions or anything really. In the end, they all have one result - we are not the same anymore.

For John Wesley, his defining moment happened on this day (24th May) many, many years ago. After being a Christian for many years, he encountered God in a deeper way, whilst worshipping in Aldersgate street in London. This moment with the Holy Spirit changed his relationship with God in such a profound way that it is often referred to as his second conversion. The Spirit of God lit the dead wood of faith in John and as he became "on fire" for Jesus, the Gospel he preached, transformed people's lives. The Wesleyan revival began with John's defining moment.

What has been your defining moment? Have you forgotten what happened then or does it still impact your life?
I would love to hear your story.

Living in Grace

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