Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Yummy stuff inside

You have got to laugh at the brilliance of kids. As we were leaving for school this morning, our Labrador Bella was smelling Nathan's stomach - I thought he had snuck some cookies under his jersey, but he hadn't:) 
Getting into the car, I asked him, "Why was Bella smelling your tummy boy?"
He replied, "Perhaps she can smell all the yummy food I had yesterday - the cupcakes and sweets."
I had to laugh and then quietly mentioned to him, that dogs can't smell the insides of our stomach's, but it would be cool if they could.

So, next time your pet smells your tummy, just remember that perhaps they are smelling all the 'yummy stuff inside.'

May God bless us with his Spirit to fill us with grace, peace and joy - on the inside:)

Living in Grace

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