Monday, 14 November 2011

This might not work!

I have been enjoying reading Seth Godin's new book 'Poke the Box.' He writes a great paragraph on the topic of these 4 words - This might not work!

Seth argues that it is alright to say these 4 words. He adds:
"Is your work so serious and flawless and urgent that each thing you do, every day, must work? Change is powerful, but change always comes with failure as its partner. "This might not work" isn't merely something to be tolerated; it's something you should seek out." - Seth Godin

What do you think? Does your world allow you the freedom to risk?
Does the Church allow you the chance to do this?

Living in Grace

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Barefoot Belinda said...

Excellent quote today. Wise words for a perfectionist to remember!!