Friday, 11 November 2011

Remember for a reason

We stopped for a moment of silence and prayer today, as did millions of others. There will never be another Remembrance Day like today's event, ever again....11-11-2011.

But what is our purpose in Remembering all those brave souls who died in battles all over the planet? There must be something deeper. Miroslav Volf is a Christian theologian and he argues that there is a powerful reason for our Remembrance:

"The proper goal – the appropriate end – of the memory of wrongs suffered is the loving reconciliation of all people, both perpetrators and victims. And when that love is reached – imperfect and fragile in this life but complete and invincible in the next – then the memory of those wrongs can end as well." (Volf, in the words of Craig Hamilton)

Is this why we Remember the sacrifice of Christ in Holy Communion? Not to remember the agony of the cross so much, but rather to understand the love and reconciliation of our Saviour.

Just thinking!

Living in Grace,

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