Thursday, 3 November 2011

Too much on your plate

The other morning one of the boys made himself some breakfast and when I looked at his bowl of cereal I knew he was never going to finish it - he had put way to much Pronutro into the bowl. When he was about half way through the breakfast he said to me "I can't finish it - there is too much on the plate!" I thought to myself, "No kidding, boy! Even Jonah Lomu wouldn't have finished that bowl of cereal."

In truth, how often do we do the same thing, but particularly in the things we take on. We can find ourselves getting to a place we were throw our hands up and say, "I have taken on too much! I can't finish all of this."
Can you relate to this?

May God grant us wisdom to do the important tasks and not to fill our lives with other 'stuff.' Saying NO is not a crime.

Living in Grace

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