Monday, 1 August 2011

Back to the grindstone

It has been mentioned a number of times since we got back, that we will now be getting 'back to the grindstone!' I'm not sure if you know where the term originates from, but it has it's origin from centuries back, when people used to do a lot of their daily work on grindstones (A grindstone is a rotating solid stone wheel used for grinding, shaping, sharpening, or polishing).

It often has negative connotations, almost implying that one's work is back-breaking and unpleasant. This is where my 'ministry life' deviates from this definition - Yes, there are moments when ministry is draining and exhausting, but I love what I do! Getting back into routine is always hard, but I feel blessed to be in ministry and so 'getting back to the grindstone' is not an unpleasant task for me.

What are some of the unpleasant tasks in your line of work? Do they feel like 'grindstones' or not?

"The Israelites completed all the work, just as God had commanded. Moses saw that they had done all the work and done it exactly as God had commanded. Moses blessed them." - Exodus 39:42

Living in Grace,

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