Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Five years ago we were enjoying a bit of leave at the beach - building up our energy before our second child was due. Little did we know that our holiday would be cut short by a week, as Nathan arrived a month early. Expecting a baby is one thing - but when they decide to arrive early, your stress levels shoot sky-high!

Nathan's first few days of life were traumatic - being premature he had to be in high-care and on oxygen. We couldn't really hold him for days as he was in this special 'machine'. The doctors told us that it was a miracle that he was alive. Our prayer life increased 100-fold in those few days.

I am blessed to say that on the 24th September, our boy turns 5. He is doing great and has not looked back since his initial struggles. He is exactly like his name sake from the Bible - full of courage and adventure; always willing to 'speak out' and certainly has tendencies to ruffle a few feathers. He could yet be a Prophet!

I thank God everyday for my kids and for Kim.
May we all be grateful for the special people in our lives.

Touched by Grace,

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