Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Yearning for Fluency

Have you ever tried learning a foreign language? I have - it was tough! I wouldn't say that 'languages' are my strongest point, but when we travelled through Europe a few years ago, we tried to learn a little French. We listened to 'French lessons' as we travelled from town to town, experimenting with a few rough phrases when we could. Most people appreciated our efforts, although we knew that we really 'sucked' at French. In the end, we knew enough to get us the basics - food, accomodation, fuel and ICE CREAM!

If you ask me to remember those phrases now, I sadly confess that I remember very little. But, then again, I haven't practised for 8 years - I have had no need to. I have quickly forgotten my embarrasment, my awkwardness and my frustration at not being 'fluent in French.'

Prayer is very much the same as learning a foreign language, except God is more forgiving at our feeble attempts. God doesn't laugh at our mistakes, nor does the Spirit leave us fumbling for words. God just longs for us to 'keep company' with him in prayer.

Even if we feel that we can't speak God's language, we must remember that God can speak and understand us - that's all we need! Of course we must continue to be faithful in prayer and the more we exercise this discipline the more confident we will feel.

Reflect on these quotes today:

“If you want to pray better, you must pray more.” – Mother Teresa

“The only fatal mistake is to stop praying and not begin again.” – Philip Yancey

By the way, if you can speak another language please let me know - I am curious!

Grace is Enough,

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