Thursday, 10 September 2009

In good company

When it comes to dealing with Unanswered prayers, we mustn't feel alone. Countless believers struggle with this on a daily basis, but there were also many Biblical characters who had to come to terms with prayers that were never answered.

Here are just a few:
Moses, David, Job, Jonah, Elijah, Habakkuk, Jeremiah, Paul and even Jesus himself.

After Paul pleaded 3 times for God to remove the 'thorn' in his flesh (and God didn't), Paul wrote these words...

"But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." - 2 Corinthians 12:9

Sometimes that's all we are left with - God's sufficient Grace. Not an answer to our pleas, but plenty of Grace.

Jesus' prayer for Unity amongst believers (John 17) is one of those prayers that is still to be answered completely. Although, this may seem a little depressing, it can be a sign of hope. It offers us a hope that some of our 'Unanswered Prayers' may still be answered one day.

In the end, Prayer is a mystery. In fact, God is a Mystery. That is why Job said:

• Job 11:7 - Can you fathom the mysteries of God? Can you probe the limits of the Almighty?

Comforted by Grace,


Rambler said...

Is it worng that I'm tending to believe more and more that God is actually more passive than we realise. He is present. He clams the storms in our hearts, but I don't think he is as active as we believe. He is powerless to our choices (because he chooses to be) and thus chooses to be passive. Perhaps our prayers are unanswered because we have unreal expectations of him?

Delme Linscott said...

Good point Clive. I have been wrestling with this stuff a lot (as you know) and I still don't have any clear answers. It does push one to a point of asking "Why bother praying?" if God can't/won't/might answer. I don't like to be thinking those kind of thoughts, but that's just where I am at the moment.
Perhaps I am just complicating the simplicity of Prayer?


Rambler said...

Could be - I've started praying again... I spent so much energy praying for something that ultimately left me so disappointed... now I pray a far simpler prayer.

When we pray for healing God always heals - just not always dramatically. He heals by calming the storm - whether it be healing relationships or someone accepting their death.

So I pray for stuff I know God will be able to active in. But when its about choices I know that I can only pray for wisdom, for me or the person who needs it...

The rest I trust God to use for good.

I've stopped the "big" prayers. And that's helping me connect...

And sometimes I feel bad for it...

Anyway, I'll stop blogging on your blog...


Rambler said...
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Livingingrace said...

You are always welcome to blog on my blog dude. It's good to connect again and to hear your thoughts.
Cheers for now,