Saturday, 2 January 2021

I can't promise you

I was given this lovely quote from Rev. Dr. William Sangster the other day. I think it is such a lovely reflection on the New Year and too good to be kept to myself. Enjoy it and may it offer us all some words to 'live by' in 2021.

"I cannot promise you, in the coming year, a new set of circumstances.
Indeed I anticipate for myself and for you, difficulties and disappointments
and obstacles and some pain – for that is life.
No year has dawned that did not contain them and if such a year did come 
it might be debilitating to the soul.
But in the Name of Him Who sits upon the Throne, 
I promise you that if you will receive Him into your heart and
if you will submit to His Lordship over you, you can have a new heart,
a new life and therefore a new birth.
I cannot beckon you away from the flinty path upon which some of you walk.
I am not commissioned to do so.
Those who follow Christ must travel a times by stony and rugged ways
but I do promise in grey times a new life in God."
- Rev Dr William Sangster. 1900-1960

May God bless us all as we embark upon the uncertainty of the next 363 days.

Living in Grace


P.S. My gratitude to Rev. Ralph Thornley for sharing this with me. 

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