Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Give me an Island

Many years ago Corrie Ten Boom was arranging flights for her next speaking engagement. In those days there was no direct flight from Sydney to Cape Town, so the travel agent booked a stop over for the plane to refuel. Unfortunately the stop over was going to delay Corrie's plans and was going to make her miss some speaking engagements. She called the agent and asked why this was the case and the answer came back: "I am sorry, but there are no refuelling spots in the middle of the Indian Ocean."

Corrie was adamant she needed to arrive on the correct date and so she responded with these words: "Well, I cannot change my plans at this late notice. I will just have to pray for an ISLAND, so we can land there."

A few hours later she got another call from the Travel agent saying that they had just managed to arrange a fuel stop on the Cocos Islands - God gave her the ISLAND she prayed for!

Sometimes God answers prayers in ways and means that we could never imagine.

Acts 19:11 - "God did extraordinary miracles through Paul..."

Living in Grace

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