Thursday, 4 January 2018

Nothing is ever wasted

With God nothing is ever wasted!

John 6:12 -  "Let nothing be wasted.”

I have been doing a little reflecting over the last month and I have been reminded how God allows all our experiences, good and painful, to be used for His glory and somehow for our benefit too. I remember how I ended up studying my Bachelor of Commerce for 4 years, struggling through the course work, not really feeling passionate about my studies. However, in the end, I achieved the degree and learnt a lot of valuable life/FAITH lessons along the way.

It may have seemed a fruitless exercise in studying a degree I have not actually used, BUT with God nothing is ever wasted. God has allowed me to use all those experiences to gain greater insight into life and understanding people.

So, don't be despondent if you are going through uncertain and tough times - God will always use these for his purpose and our benefit in the end.

"Nothing we learn in this world is ever wasted." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Living in Grace

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