Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Telling our stories

"... to tell about the light so that everyone might believe because of his testimony." - John 1:7

We all have our own stories to tell. For some of us, these life-stories include an account of our faith experience. The stories we share should never be to make others feel "less significant or spiritual", but rather to encourage others in their faith. When I hear from you about how you have encountered Jesus, it does something to me - it makes me feel part of your journey and connects us on the bigger stage of Life. It also inspires me to carry on. This is why I believe so strongly in the power of narrative and telling our story.

For those of you who can make it on Sunday at 6pm (5th June), we are going to be hearing a few testimonies from our recent Israel trip. We will also be showing a few photos and sharing some scriptures. Come along and we pray that your own faith would be inspired. YOU ARE ALL INVITED!

"The lost coin is found by means of a candle; the deepest truth is found by the means of a simple story." - Anthony de Mello

Living in Grace

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