Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Moving the light from the Golden Circle

For all of you Music lovers, you will know what a 'Golden Circle' is. Very simply, it is the area closest to the stage at a concert, reserved for those who have paid a lot of money to be near the musicians. When you read Revelation it seems that there is a 'Golden Circle' in heaven. Read this and see what I mean:
“I see what you’ve done, your hard, hard work, your refusal to quit. I know you can’t stomach evil, that you weed out apostolic pretenders. I know your persistence, your courage in my cause, that you never wear out.
4-5 “But you walked away from your first love—why? What’s going on with you, anyway? Do you have any idea how far you’ve fallen? A Lucifer fall!
“Turn back! Recover your dear early love. No time to waste, for I’m well on my way to removing your light from the golden circle." - Revelation 2:2-6 (MSG)

Who or what is your 'First love' today?

Living in Grace

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