Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Highlights of our Tour of Israel

How does one put into words the experience of a lifetime? It is indeed very hard. And then, to make things even more complicated, how does one choose one or two highlights from among the many? It is impossible. Overall, it was such a special time in Israel, despite all that is happening in the political circles. One can't really refer to the time as a 'holiday' - it is more of an Encounter or an Experience, and one that every believer should try and do, if you can.

If I am pushed to choose a spiritual highlight, I would go for 3 of them:

1. Sharing in Baptisms in the Jordan River - priceless encounters with our group and even with other people who came up to us (out of nowhere) and asked us to Baptise them. They were from the Coptic Church in Egypt - so, so amazing.

2. Sharing in Holy Communion at the Garden Tomb. Very blessed time and hard to put into adequate words.

3. Singing the Lord's Prayer in the Pater Noster Church. This is considered to be one of the places where Jesus taught his disciples to pray and we got the chance to sing in this special place. There are versions of the Lord's prayer in hundreds of different languages all over that place.

Overall, I am just humbled to have had the chance to be in that special place. It is hard to imagine that a land, smaller than the Kruger National Park, could have impacted the world in such a dramatic way.

Living in Grace

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