Tuesday, 24 May 2016

We may need more!

Following Jesus is not a one moment miracle. In my opinion, our decision to respond to God's love is always the starting point, but we need an ongoing encounter with God, to help us change into true Disciples. This relies on the role of the Holy Spirit and He is always at work in us, seeking to shape us and mould us into true Christ-followers.

The 24th May is always a significant day in the life of the Methodist movement, as we remember that John Wesley had a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit in a church in Aldersgate street. Wesley was already a Christian, but he needed a fresh experience of God's grace to enable him to fulfil the next task in his ministry.

Hosea 11:8 - "My heart is changed within me..."

Perhaps we are also in need of our own 'heart-warming' experience?
Why don't you pause for a minute and ask God's spirit to fill you afresh today?

"An ounce of LOVE is worth more than a pound of Knowledge." - John Wesley

Living in Grace

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