Friday, 20 March 2015

You need to plant something

"Sluggards do not plough in season;so at harvest time they look but find nothing." - Proverbs 20:4

If we aren't disciplined to do the small, important things, then we can't expect to reap any of the rewards later. The trouble is that we live in a quick fix society and we often want things without being willing to put the hard effort into the preparation. Any farmer will laugh at you if you expect to reap a harvest without actually planting seeds. You NEED to plant something!

The same applies in the rest of our lives. If we want a meaningful relationship with God, then we need to plant some seeds. If we desire a healthy relationship with our family/friends, we need to do the small important things first. If we want to reap the harvest of competing in a sports event, we have to set the alarm clock to wake up early to train. 

I think you get it, don't you? You MUST plant something!

So, what seeds are you planting today?
What harvest are you longing for next season?

Living in Grace

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