Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Great God-incidence

I was filling up with Diesel yesterday when the attendant asked me where I worked. I told him that I was a minister and that I worked at Wesley Methodist. My answer sparked off a great conversation - all around the issue of faith and the Bible. He was talking in half Zulu/English and me in half English/Zulu.

He told me that his dad was a leader in his church and then he said that I should read Psalm 1 sometime. As it happens I had my Bible in the car, so I pulled it out and we started reading it together. As this was happening another inquisitive attendant joined us and asked me to explain what the passage meant - it was awesome! The 3 of us talking about God and faith, all while my car was being filled with diesel.

Did I plan to do that - no ways. I was just planning on filling up and then carrying on with my day. But, God decided to bless me and hopefully the two attendants. I certainly left the garage in high spirits and thanked God for "arranging" our little impromptu gathering.

I am reminded that God is always looking for opportunities to use us, even if we don't feel prepared or good enough. It doesn't have to be an event that would make national news, but it DOES matter to God and those involved.

Look out for a "God incidence" today.

Living in Grace

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