Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Bonaventure was born, Giovanni di Fidanza, and was considered to be one of the Doctor's of the Church. His deep thinking and love for God challenged many people of his generation. It is impressive that his legacy lives on, even today. Most of us will say things that will never be passed onto future generations, but Bonaventure is an example of someone who other people loved to quote. 

Here are a few of his quotes:

When we pray, the voice of the heart must be heard more than the proceedings from the mouth.   

Since happiness is nothing other than the enjoyment of the highest good and since the highest good is above, no one can be happy unless he rises above himself, not by an ascent of the body, but of the heart.  
Lord Jesus Christ, pierce my soul with your love so that I may always long for you alone, who are the bread of angels and the fulfillment of the soul's deepest desires. May my heart always hunger for you, so that soul may be filled with the sweetness of your presence.

Three things are necessary to everyone ... truth of faith which brings understanding; love of Christ which brings compassion; endurance of hope which brings perseverance.

I like this last quote the most. May these 3 things bring your joy today - Faith (understanding), Love (compassion) and Hope (perseverance)! 

Living in Grace

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