Monday, 5 August 2013

Sore throat

"I am worn out calling for help; my throat is parched." - Psalm 69:3

I am sure that plenty of us can relate to getting 'hoarse' from shouting to much (or just speaking to much). Perhaps this has happened at a sports event or even at concert. Our throats get sore and hoarse from over use and so we need to give them a rest.

In Psalm 69 David tells us that his throat has become 'parched' from calling out to God so much. He knows that he can call out to God and so he does - numerous times. If one stopped reading this Psalm just after a few verses, we could mistakenly think that God ignores David's calling. However, this is not the case. God does hear and David's sore throat is not in vain.

"The Lord hears the needy and does not despise his captive people." - Psalm 69:33

May you continue to call on the name of the Lord. He hears your prayers and will answer in His time.

Living in Grace

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