Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Danger lurking inside

We came home yesterday to discover that our neighbour's huge tree had just fallen over. It was quite a scary sight, as it covered the whole of his driveway and entrance into his garage. My immediate thought was that it had been the wind that had blown it over, but upon reflection the wind wasn't that strong. As one got closer to the tree you could see that white ants had happily been eating the trunk for ages. It literally got eaten from the inside out and it was the ants that weakened the tree. In the end, all it took was a small gust of wind to blow the whole tree over.

I am sad that this old tree is no more - it look stately and proud. We will miss it. What bothers me even more is whether I am like that tree or not. Are there "things" eating me up inside? Do I dismiss those small "things" that others can't notice, only to have these very things destroy my core?

We need to protect our inner core (spiritual well being), so that nothing can topple us. We may not notice these things at first, but in the end they will harm us.

May God protect your spirit today. Take good care of the small things in your life, so that when the time of testing comes, you can stand strong.

Living in Grace

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