Sunday 19 November 2023

Come Holy Spirit (Uthando)

I have been listening to this beautiful song over the last while. It was written by a friend of mine, Mark Counihan, with input from his wife, Denise and friend Langa Mbonambi. If you need a song to quietly lift your spirits and remind you that God is still with us, then please click the link and listen. I am sure you will be blessed by the words and melody. (Come Holy Spirit)

Come, Holy Spirit
Move among us
Come Holy Spirit
Flow Living Water
Flow within us
Flow Living Water


Your Love is alive
Breaking the darkness
It’s bringing the Light
To soften the heart of stone
Your Love is alive
Breaking the darkness
And winning the fight
And bringing the orphan home


Uthando uthando
Lwakho lwakho
Luyaphila luyaphila
Your love is alive
Umbuso umbuso
Wakho wakho
Uyaphila, uyaphila
Your Kingdom is alive

No matter what language we speak - the Spirit of God is among us and God is alive.

Living in Grace

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