Wednesday, 4 November 2020

A Prayer for Matric Students

Prayer For Exams - For Tests and Finals - YouTube

It is one thing to share a prayer for students writing exams, in a general sense, but it is another thing entirely when one of your own kids stands at the starting line of their Final Exams. This is a prayer I wrote for all Matrics, but it is unashamedly personal in nature. You are welcome to share this with others who may need some encouragement. I have never had a student say 'No' to a prayer before any exam :)

Living in Grace


Dear Lord

As our Matric students begin their Final Exams we ask that you would comfort them and grant them your peace as they finish off their last preparations. The time has come for us to let go of the ‘trial runs’ and ‘practise sessions’ and to trust that the moment of truth will only be a small step for them in the end.

May the challenges before them not seem insurmountable and please help our kids to rely on the collective learning they have received over the last 18 years. Remind them that although these next 6 weeks are vital in their preparations for the future, they are not the only thing that will define them. Our Matric results are an opportunity to start our adult lives on a certain path, but each student is worth so much more than 7 symbols on a school certificate.

We also ask that you would give each parent and guardian enough patience and love in order to support our children through this next important milestone in their lives. We ask you to put our hearts at ease and although we may try to steer our kids on a particular course, allow them to discover their true purpose in you.

Thank you for all the teachers, staff and community members who have given of themselves during this tough year. May they also feel rewarded for the progress they have nurtured in each child’s life. Help and enable us to celebrate the student who scraps a D symbol with hours and hours of extra work, as much as the student who achieves another A with seeming ease. Each child is to be celebrated and we thank you that you love each one of them.

Lastly, we thank you Lord for your promise of hope and guidance for all who turn to you.

In Jesus name we ask these things.  Amen.

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