Sunday, 13 September 2020

The Experiment with Pleasure

Ecclesiastes 2:1 "I said in mine heart, Go to now, I will prove thee with  mirth, therefore enjoy pleasure: and, … | Lyric quotes, Perks of being a  wallflower, Words

The writer of Ecclesiastes tells us that in order to enjoy life he tried everything that our world has to offer. It was an experiment in pleasure for him, but in the end, it still left him feeling utterly empty. Many of these pleasures gave him a little moment of happiness, but in the long run they still didn't satisfy his deepest longings.

"I said to myself, “Let’s go for it—experiment with pleasure, have a good time!” But there was nothing to it, nothing but smoke. What do I think of the fun-filled life? Insane! Inane! My verdict on the pursuit of happiness? Who needs it? With the help of a bottle of wine and all the wisdom I could muster, I tried my level best to penetrate the absurdity of life. I wanted to get a handle on anything useful we mortals might do during the years we spend on this earth." - Ecclesiastes 2:1-3 (Message)

One of the hardest things a parent learns is that we can warn our kids that there are many things that won't satisfy their desire for a good LIFE, but in the long run they will have to learn those lessons the hard way. Solomon learnt his lessons the hard way and now he is try to tell us all that the Experiment with Pleasure is not the answer!

"We go on in our pleasures thinking they're going to last forever." - Billy Graham

"Boundaries are to protect life, not to limit pleasures." - Edwin Louis Cole

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