Monday, 6 January 2020

Make me Lord

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Alan Paton loved this prayer from Mother Theresa, which he subsequently adjusted for our South African context. I hope you enjoy it and are able to use it for your own prayers.

Make me, O Lord, the instrument of your love, that I may bring comfort to those who sorrow and joy to those who are regarded as persons of little account. In this country of many races make me courteous to those who are humble and understanding to those who are resentful. Teach me what I should be to the arrogant, the cruel, for I do not know.

And as for me myself, make me more joyful than I am, especially if this is needed for the sake of others. Let me remember my many experiences of joy and thankfulness. And may I this coming day do some work of peace for thee. Amen.
— Alan Paton

Living in Grace

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