Friday, 14 July 2017

3 Strong Words - Psalm 150

The last 5 Psalms, recorded in the Bible, all contain 3 very simple, yet profoundly powerful words - PRAISE THE LORD. In fact, if you read these Psalms now you will note that they all finish with the same 3 words - it is a call for us to offer Praise to our King.

It is not a question of suggestion or "if we have had a good day", but rather an act of Faith. When we proclaim the three words - PRAISE THE LORD, we are showing our allegiance and respect to our Lord. I think that this is a call for us, even when things don't work out for us, because it reminds us that God is still on our side and that he will fight for us.

So, if you say these 3 words with me today, you will be acknowledging who your master is and that you trust in God's great hand to be with you.

"I praise loudly. I blame softly." - Catherine the Great

Living in Grace

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