Monday, 23 January 2017

This is the age

I found this very challenging poem last week. Read it slowly and see what message it sends through to you today. God bless.
This is the age
Of the half-read page.
And the quick hash
And the mad dash.   

The bright night
With the nerves tight
The plane hop
With the brief stop.

The lamp tan
In short span.
The Big Shot
In a good spot

And the brain strain
The heart pain.
And the cat naps
Till the spring snaps --

And the fun's done!

"Courage - You Can Stand Strong in the Face of Fear, Jon Johnston, 1990, SP Publications, p. 143."

 Psalm 39:1 - “Show me, Lord, my life’s end
  and the number of my days;
  let me know how fleeting my life is.

Living in Grace

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