Thursday, 12 January 2017

Forget it

I stumbled across this lovely piece of writing today and I wish I could acknowledge the author, but they are unknown. It is about the power of 'Forgetting' or perhaps, 'choosing to forget' things that are hurtful and remembering things that are uplifting.

Forget each kindness that you do as soon as you have done it. 
Forget the praise that falls to you the moment you have won it. 
Forget the slander that you hear before you can repeat it. 
Forget each slight, each spite, each sneer, whenever you may meet it. 
Remember every promise made and keep it to the letter. 
Remember those who lend you aid and be a grateful debtor. 
Remember all the happiness that comes your way in living. 
Forget each worry and distress; be hopeful and forgiving. 
Remember good, remember truth, remember heaven is above you. 
And you will find, through age and youth, that many will love you.

May God bless you with the gift of 'forgetfulness' for those things that have hurt you in the past and may God grant you the gift of Memory for those things that make you feel Blessed.

"Of course, my friends, I really do not think that I have already won it; the one thing I do, however, is to forget what is behind me and do my best to reach what is ahead." - Philippians 3:13

Living in Grace

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