Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Would God destroy the Church?

Would God willingly destroy the Church?
This may seem like a weird question to be asking and I guess the answer depends on your understanding of what 'Church' is. However, before I answer the question, let me tell you how I come to ask it.

In the 2nd chapter of Lamentations, Jeremiah makes some very strong statements concerning the destruction of the Temple and "God's anger" at the sin of the people. Take these as an example:

.....He has broken down his Temple as though it were merely a garden shelter (v.6)

...The Lord has rejected his own altar; he despises his own sanctuary (v.7)

...The Lord was determined to destroy the walls of Jerusalem (v.8)

It seems that God was willing to destroy the "outer facade" of the Temple/Church in order to allow the people to come to their senses. God was not as attached to the bricks and mortar, as we sometimes are - God's greatest concern was that the hearts of the people had turned from Him. The people had sold out to other gods and so God allowed the destruction of religious symbols, in order to win back the hearts of his children. It seems extreme, but it seems to be so.

So, if we understand 'Church' to mean bricks and mortar, then I would be so bold as to say: "Yes, God would sacrifice mere materials if it brought back his children to him. God is more concerned about our hearts than our buildings."

However, if you see 'Church' as meaning 'the bride of Christ', then the answer to first question is 'No!' Of course God wouldn't destroy his bride, but I do believe that he would keep calling us to remain true to our first love.

As we continue to towards Easter, let us remember that this season is a time of introspection and cleansing - ask God to purify your hearts and minds. Grace and Peace to you. 

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