Friday, 19 February 2016

Owning up

Very few of us like to own up to our mistakes. We find it easier to blame someone else and to shift the attention away from our short-comings and sins. However, this is only a deception and in the end, it doesn't do us any favours. When we lie to ourselves, we end up breaking our own hearts, as well as those of others around us.

Judah eventually owned up to her sin and cried out to God:
Lord, see my anguish!
    My heart is broken
and my soul despairs,
    for I have rebelled against you." - Lamentations 1:20

A few verses before the nation was blaming God for all her troubles, but now the people have come to their senses. It must have been hard to uttered the words "I have rebelled against you!" 
I believe that this confession is the beginning point in bringing healing to the broken heart and the soul that despairs.

What do you think?

Living in Grace

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