Monday, 22 February 2016

Without Mercy


Jeremiah paints a bleak picture, in Lamentations 2, of what God has allowed to happen to the Israelites. From his words we understand his deep pain and great sense of loss. The language he uses is certainly strong enough to believe that God has truly abandoned the nation.

"Without mercy the Lord has destroyed
    every home in Israel.
In his anger he has broken down
    the fortress walls of beautiful Jerusalem.
He has brought them to the ground,
    dishonoring the kingdom and its rulers." - Lamentations 2:2

Thankfully, this is not how Jesus presents the grace of the Father. Jesus tells us that God is indeed FULL of mercy and slow to anger. I hate to think where I would be, if God had chosen to show me 'NO MERCY.'

Remember that our journey through Lent is a journey into mercy and away from rejection.

Prayer: Thank you Lord, that even when I deserved to be shown no Mercy, that your son, Jesus died for me. Thank you for the cross of grace and the compassion you have for me.

Read - Luke 6:36

Living in Grace

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