Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Hope - Advent word for today

What are you HOPING for?
Who are you placing your HOPE in?
Hope is a very unusual concept to describe, but it is one that keeps us going? I feel that we all need something to HOPE in, otherwise life can become very depressing. Thankfully this Christmas we can celebrate that Jesus is the HOPE of the world.

em-title-wrap col-sm-3"> Job 7:6 - “My days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle, and they come to an end without hope." (It is interesting that the book of Job mentions HOPE nearly 20 times - If anyone needed something to HOPE for, it was Job).
Psalm 9:18 - But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish.

"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness." - Desmond Tutu

Living in Grace

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Annette Symes said...

Hope is the reason we carry on doing the things we do. It gives my life purpose as I wait on,hope for and trust in the Grace of God.