Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Among - New Advent word

“Shout and be glad, Daughter Zion. For I am coming, and I will live among you,” declares the Lord. “Many nations will be joined with the Lord in that day and will become my people. I will live among you and you will know that the Lord Almighty has sent me to you." - Zechariah 2:10-11

Zechariah's prophecy came true in the most profound of ways. Jesus came to live AMONG us. The King of kings and Lord of lords, joined us in the midst of our world and revealed the love of God to all humanity. It is a pity that we miss out on the true nature of God, by getting images of people who insist that God is full of hatred. Advent reminds us that God is LOVE.

May the light of Christ fill your heart with joy today.

Remember God may not take our trouble from us, but He will be with us in the midst of it all.

Living in Grace

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