Thursday, 23 July 2015

You are not a clone!

“God didn’t clone anything. Everything God makes is unique. Our best contribution in life can only be made as we allow God to finish his work in progress and perfect our uniqueness.” -
Tom Patterson

We spend an huge portion of our time wishing we were someone else. Somehow we are been lead to believe that person God created (us) is not good enough and so we seek to become someone else. It is very tiring trying to live like this. We become disillusioned with pretending to be someone funny, clever, spiritual, sporty, musical, handy, good-looking or whatever else seems right.  

God never intended this to be our life path. God never wanted us to feel second-rate or to feel that He made a mistake. God created us all unique and God did this on PURPOSE. If he had wanted to make us all clones, he could have done that, but then the world would have been a boring place. God wants us to marvel at our uniqueness and to celebrate his imprint in each of our hearts.

"You made me; you created me." - Psalm 119:73

"He is the Potter, and he is certainly greater than you, the clay! Should the created thing say of the one who made it, “He didn’t make me”? Does a jar ever say, “The potter who made me is stupid”?" - Isaiah 29:16

Living in Grace

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