Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Rome wasn't built in a day!

Following on from my thoughts yesterday I was reminded of the saying,
Rome wasn’t built in a day!” 

It’s actually quite strange that this saying has survived into our modern times, because it refers to the glory days of the Roman Empire and especially the 'eternal city' of Rome. The great irony is that the Holy Roman Empire actually started to fade around the beginning of the 5th century when it was conquered by the Visigoths in 410. This was the first time in 800 years that Rome had been conquered!

I guess it takes centuries to erase history from our collective memory and Rome is still seen as the epitome of brilliance, power and wealth. It is said that it took over 1 000 000 days to build the city of Rome - wow, that is certainly a lot longer than 24 hours! 

If WE want to create anything of importance and desire to leave a legacy, we need to realise that it won’t happen overnight – it will take a long time to come right. We need to have patience to build for eternity.Let us build on the right foundation of Christ, trusting that what we build will last beyond our time and generation. 

Jesus took 3 years (over 1000 days) to train and equip his disciples – it was not an overnight training course – it took hours of patience, guidance and leadership.Yet, in the end, it was the best investment Jesus could make.

So, I urge you to keep reaching for that dream of a completed project or goal, but don’t lose sight of who you are doing it for and that there is no such thing as an ‘over-night’ success. Rome was NOT built in a day!

Ecclesiastes 7:8 - "The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride."

1 Timothy 1:16 - And now he shows me off—evidence of his endless patience—to those who are right on the edge of trusting him forever. Deep honor and bright glory to the King of All Time— One God, Immortal, Invisible, ever and always.

Living in Grace

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