Wednesday, 15 July 2015

God will find a way

I have been doing a little DIY work around the house the last few days. One of my tasks was to make a "french drain" in a section of the garden. It was hard going but in the end I feel chuffed that I succeeded in my task.

As I was working on the drain, I needed to keep testing it to see if the water would actually work it's way through the rocks and stones into the storm water drain. While I was doing this I was struck by how easily water will find a way to get through the various obstacles in it's path. In a simple sense my reflection could be summed up like this:

Water will find a way!

BUT, more importantly, we need to remember that when we walk with Christ, there is a better promise for us...

"God will find a way."

1 Kings 8:57-58 - "May God, our very own God, continue to be with us just as he was with our ancestors—may he never give up and walk out on us. May he keep us centred and devoted to him, following the life path he has cleared, watching the signposts, walking at the pace and rhythms he laid down for our ancestors." (MSG)

May the 'Water of Life' flow through your inner being today.

Living in Grace

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