Friday, 19 June 2015

Gladness and hunger meet.

I love stumbling across inspiring words or quotes. I find that they can be the gem in my day, challenging me as well as speaking into my life. This morning I had one of those moments when I was reading a chapter from "One.Life" by Scot McKnight. In this particular chapter I came across these deeply moving words:

"The place where God calls you is where your deep gladness meets the world's deep hunger" - Frederick Buechner

Wow! How often do we struggle to try and discern God's call for our lives, waiting for the writing on the wall, when it could be as close to us as this? So the very things that bring us joy could be our offering to the world's deep hunger?!

For example, we may love music and be skilled in an instrument - perhaps this is what we need to offer the world right now. Or we may have a love of crafts, baking, knitting, writing, poetry, sport, photography - all of these we could offer to the world as our "gift" to a hungry world. Had you thought about that?

Don't try and offer the world what you don't have - offer what God has already GIVEN to you.

This is what Jesus was trying to explain to the disciples when they were faced with feeding the 5000. The disciples kept thinking of how they were going to get food (or pay for it) from the outside, when Jesus knew that they already had what they needed amongst them.

Living in grace

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