Wednesday, 21 May 2014

What would you do?

In most of my conversations of late, the topic of "busyness" seems to come up. Everyone one of us seems to be too busy. I have never had someone come up to me and say, "please help, I am so bored! I don't know what to do with my time." On the contrary we all want the world to slow down a little - we want to catch our breath for a while. Can you relate to this?

But, here is a question for us to ponder. What would you do with the extra time you had, if life slowed down? Would that free time be swallowed up in other chores, demands, hobbies, work- related stuff? Would you even bother to use some of that free time to spend with God? You see, often we complain that we are too busy to do a devotion or too tired to attend Cell group or Church, but we can't wait until life slows down before we start engaging in our spiritual disciplines. Life won't slow down, but we can carve out times of spiritual oasis NOW - times where we connect with God and enjoy his presence.

So, here is my challenge: before we ask for life to slow down, lets decide how we will best use that time to glorify God and to love others.

Living in Grace

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