Monday, 24 March 2014

Monday Morning Prayer

I was given a copy of this prayer for a Monday Morning and I think it is brilliant. There are so many lines in the prayer that are worth thinking about, perhaps even praying ourselves. Enjoy and please pass it on.

"It's Monday morning again, Lord,
another week in view.
Please help me do the best I can
and walk along with you.
Whatever's around the corner, lord,
Just somewhere out of sight,
Help me to meet it cheerfully
And seek your guiding light.

The weekend goes so quickly, Lord,
And Monday's always near.
I think there must be more of them
All scattered through the year.
Please teach me to be patient, Lord,
And find the strength I seek.
It's Monday morning yet again...
Go with me through the week." - Iris Hesselden

Living in Grace

P.S. My thanks to Neville for sending this prayer to me.

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