Thursday, 7 July 2011

Starbucks community

Sitting in the Starbucks (Coffee Shop) this morning I was struck by the way it has become a unique 'gathering' in the community. People on their way to work popping in for a caffeine boost, tired tourists needing a welcome break, stressed parents ordering an Espresso to calm the nerves, students using the free WiFi, and then of course me, just needing a few hours to catch up on some things...with a glorious tall Cappuccino.

Placing myself in the corner of Starbucks I have watched as all kinds of people have purposefully opened the door and immediately felt at home - they are a few minutes away from a heavenly dose of Coffee. There is no one at the door welcoming people, but everyone seems to be happy to be in the 'right' place and whether they are just grabbing a take-away of sitting down, most people will leave Starbucks satisfied.

Shouldn't our Churches learn from some of these things? Are our doors always open? Do we welcome everyone who chooses to push open our doors? Will people feel they have come to the right place, when they stop off at our places of worship? Will they feel uplifted, spiritually fed and ready to carry on with their lives? Will there be a sense of change in the mood of the weary traveller? Will they find the peace of Christ in the midst of our 'unique gathering?'

Just asking?!

Living in Grace,


Anonymous said...

Hi Delme it has been so nice following you on your holiday. I so often took my self off to Starbucks for time out just to sit and watch all the different kind of people coming and going!!!! You sure have seen many lovely places and I am looking forward to hear you share of this wonderful experience you have had with your precious family. We have missed you at our evening services!!. God bless you and your fam.

Anonymous said...

Delme it was not Anonymous leaving you a mess it was Lynda Bache not sure why it did that - guess I am still learning, any way enjoy this lovely hoiday you having :)

Delme Linscott said...

Thanks for the lovely message Lynda. We will see you in a few weeks. Take care now. Delme