Tuesday, 12 July 2011

City of Bath

My family live in a beautiful part of England! The city of Bath is truly amazing and well worth a visit if you ever pop over to the UK. It is filled with so much history, going back even to the time of Christ. One of the things that made Bath world famous was the warm water that bubbled up from under the city, first discovered 2000 years ago by the Romans. Almost all roads led to Bath in those days and there are traces of the Romans all over the place. The water was thought to have healing powers and so it attracted rich and poor, who were all keen to live longer and to be healed from their ailments. You can still taste some of this water today if you like, as the Bath Spa continues to tap the same water source that drew the Romans to the city, all those years ago... however, it does not taste great! Why is it that all medicine tastes disgusting?!

There is another person who has added to the historical story of Bath and that is none other than Jane Austen. The picture in the blog is from one of her residences, when she lived in the city. I am sure that you all know who Jane Austen is, but in case you don't have a clue Jane is the English novelist who wrote Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, Emma, Pride and Prejudice and many more. She lived in the city in the early 1800's.

One of the awesome things I like about Bath is that no matter how many times you walk in the city you keep stumbling upon surprises. It happened to us today - we walked past the magnificient Abbey and came upon an ancient fountian that we had missed every time previously... except today, that is. It was brilliant -  I love surprises.

Anyway, remember that no matter how familar things may be in our homes, places of work, worship and even in our communities, that God is the God of surprises. God wants to bless us with new discoveries every day. Look out for them and let me know when you find one!

Living in Grace,

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