Friday, 22 July 2011

5 seconds of fame

We went to the RNAS (Royal Navy Airshow) the other day and the boys had fun looking at all the planes and helicopters (just for you Stu and Tim). They even had the chance to be "rescued" and winched to safety by one of the helicopters - which they loved. Joshua was waiting his turn when the ITV news crew arrived and asked us if we minded them filming him and we said "Of course!" So that evening Josh had his 5 seconds of fame as he was beamed across the UK on national TV news - much to his brother's jealousy! Here is a photo of him at the top!

Living in Grace,
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The Duncan Family said...

Hey Josh

You look like a real RAF pilot. Well done boy.

Anonymous said...

Oh now you're just rubbing it in - the fact that you didn't let me come, leaving me abandoned with my luggage at the airport, as I stood in a pool of tears whilst your plane took off :'(

Josh looks really cute there - you can see the winch operator was enjoying it!

Enjoy the rest of your time there Linscotts! :)