Saturday, 30 July 2011

God provides

Our trip home was long and tiring, but we are thankful that we arrived home safe and sound - 28 hours after we left! The boys were really good considering the length of the trip and they slept like 'real' babies, starting from when we drove home from the airport and all through the night!

During our stop over in Dubai we were wandering through the packed airport, trying to find a place to sit and to get breakfast - which proved to be a real mission. We were battling to find a place to settle in for the 4 hour wait, when we stumbled upon the Emirates lounge. Assuming that this was only for the First class passengers we almost passed by, when Kim suggested we ask them if we can come and sit down. I ventured in, not very hopeful, only to blown away by God's provision. It turned out that Emirates provides all passengers with a 4 hour (or more) changeover with a free meal and space to chill out! How awesome is that? So, not only did we get some free food, but we also some space to stretch our legs and avoid the maddening crowds. God does provide!!

Have you got a story to tell of God's provision? I'd love to hear it!

Living in Grace,

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