Monday, 23 May 2011

Could or Can?

We are watching the volcanic activity in Iceland very carefully at the moment. In case you missed it, the Grimsvotn volcano is experiencing its largest eruption in 100 years and yes it 'could' impact upon our travel plans. The UK weather experts say that it 'could' cause delays to flights by the end of the week. I am selfishly thinking, Oh NOOOOOOOOOOO! That is exactly when we are flying! So, we have been waiting about 10 years for our Sabbatical and now this dormant volcano decides to erupt - brilliant timing!

The one thing that changes everything, though, is that the experts say, "it could move South" - that means that they are not sure and they refuse to commit themselves to anything. Of course, that leaves travellers like me feeling very uneasy. Can you imagine if God operated like this with us?
Yes, I 'could' possibly save you from your time of distress!
Yes, Jesus 'could' offer you hope...maybe!
Yes, I 'could' be your strength and refuge!

Thankfully, God is more definite and reassuring.
Come to me all you who are weary and I WILL give you rest!
I AM the Light of the world!
I CAN do all things through Christ, who gives me strength!
For no other God can save in this way.
God IS our strength and refuge!

If we spend our lives worry about the 'could' moments in our world, we will miss out on all the 'God Can' moments.

Living in Grace,

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